Kim Dae-Jung RIP

The death has just occurred of Kim Dae-Jung (1924-2009), brave Korean dissident and opposition leader, who later became President.  The Guardian’s obituary is here.   He survived imprisonment, a death sentence, a kidnap and beatings by the Korean Central Intelligence Agency, speaking out bravely and persistently against the ruthless Park and Chun dictatorships to become the Republic of Korea’s first non-Conservative President.   However, the military-jaebol complex which has run the country since WW II proved too strong for him, and he was not able to enact the reforms he desired.  His strong desire for peace and possibly unification of the two Korean states may also have led him to a certain naivety in dealings with the criminal gang who enslave the North.
The Guardian has a photo gallery of the life of Kim Dae-jung here.

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