Ely Chapel, Holborn


The photos are of Ely Chapel, St Etheldreda’s Church, a 13th century church once the London chapel of the Bishops of Ely, Cambridgeshire. It is the only surviving London building from the reign of Edward I (1239-1307).  Although a Roman Catholic church again since 1874, in 1836-7, it was an Anglican Church, in the care of Alexander d’Arblay. After its purchase in 1874, the church and crypt were restored by noted architect George Gilbert Scott.

River Amstel

at 22.50 on the longest day of the Year (Northern Hemisphere).

The beauty of the scene does not reveal the heat or the noise. The entire time there was an ever-changing clamour, as the motors of boats could be heard, as parties of loud party-goers with sound systems playing loudly came and went, and as conversations drifted laterally from the boats.  Only the occasional rowers were quiet. The following night at this time, the waters were almost empty, following an electrical storm in the late afternoon. The temperature had dropped ten degrees and there was a chill in the gusty winds.