Vukutu is a management consultancy specializing in distributed ledgers, cryptocurrencies and tokens, Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), smart contracts, AI and related areas and working for leading global clients. Our strengths are in our detailed knowledge of these emerging technologies combined with an ability to design and to manage complex projects. Our clients typically face crucial business decisions and strategic choices, and our assignments usually involve the development of detailed implementation plans for new business programs and initiatives.

Recent projects have included:

Our assignments usually involve support for business decisions in dynamic situations with high levels of uncertainty, multiple stakeholders, cross-cultural influences and technological innovation. We have considerable experience in project management in these types of commercial environments. In our assignments, we emphasize stakeholder involvement, full transparency of reasoning and analysis, a transfer of skills and expertise to client personnel, and complete professional integrity.

Disclaimer: Please note we are not lawyers, and we do not provide legal advice. We are approached frequently by companies seeking to undertake ICOs. We encourage all such intending ICO ventures to obtain professional legal advice before proceeding with an ICO.

To learn more about how we may help you, please contact us directly.

Peter McBurney
Managing Partner
Tel: + 44 770 33 44 105 (UK)
Email: petermcburney [at]
Vukutu Ltd
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