Vukutu provides professional consultancy services in strategic business planning, market and program planning, project management and simulation modeling.

Our consultancy expertise has been gained in assisting clients in complex decision-making, including the selection of technologies, the design and rollout of new products, the design of distribution and supply networks, and the development of strategic program plans. We normally work with our clients on assignments of 1-4 months duration, to undertake information collection, data analysis and modeling, development of strategic program plans, and consensus-building among key stakeholders. Typically, our work provides analytical support for a mission-critical business decision or the choice of a strategic direction, and/or involves the development of detailed implementation plans for new business programs or initiatives. Often, we then assist clients to manage these implementation plans, and we have successful project management experience in high-tech environments in Europe, North and South America, Asia and Australasia.

Our modelling expertise is centred on sophisticated agent-based (or individual-based) computer models of complex marketplaces, supply chains and business environments. These are models in which the attitudes, behaviours, actions and interactions of individual market players (customers, distributors, competitors, regulators, etc) are modeled explicitly and are simulated under different realistic conditions. These models enable a fine-grained analysis of alternative marketplace and competitive trajectories, and permit a detailed exploration of possible decision pathways, strategies and tactics. Our implementation of these models uses emerging research in Computer Science, specifically drawing on the theory and practice of multi-agent systems and Grid computing.

Specifically, our services include:

Our industry expertise has been gained in both B2C and B2B contexts:

We are also currently developing a generic multi-agent market simulation modelling platform, which will be able to be customized quickly for specific marketplaces. We will provide more details of this platform in due course.

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